Saturday, August 6, 2011

coming up daisies...

I'm so grateful today for sunshiny days in the middle of winter...
feeling warm sun on bare skin...
watching happy kids play & making daisy chains...

You should pop on over to visit the birthday girl here & see what everyone else is grateful for today!


  1. Lovely daisies you have here. I wish I can make 'em.

  2. Love those daisy chains x So glad to hear that you had a great day at Picadilly market ! Sad I didn't make it, hopefully next time.
    Enjoy some down time and enjoy being mum and wife. Hopefully a sunny Sunday on our way, Dee x

  3. Lovely little flower tree. It's such a trip coming to your blog. I love seeing all the natural, muted colors in your pallette. I love color too, but here it is just so serene.

  4. Who woulda thunk crocheted daisies would be Just Right in a vase. Well, YOU, obviously. Looks like good therapy craft with maximum bang.

  5. now that is a gorgeous, gorgeous daisy chain!
    hope you have a quiet week after your hectic few weeks.
    enjoy the sunshine ♥

  6. Your daisy chain is absolutely gorgeous, Mel. x

  7. Gorgeous Mel!
    I hope the sun is still shinning and that you are having the most wonderful week. Love the crocheted daisies too. x

  8. I really love this...Such a cute idea.

  9. Such a pretty project, wouldn't have been quite the same without the honesty pods I think :)
    Well chosen combo !

  10. they are so cute...were soon going into winter!


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