Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a new space...

It's still a few weeks away but I'm getting very excited about moving my work space out of the living area & into my very own room - yippidy do! Its not going to be a very big space, mind, but it sure will be great. Though, looking at my growing piles of cast-off furniture, linen and odds & ends in the garage, it's all looking very 'nana'...and I love it! 
I've had little stacks of these sitting out by the front door, I just know there will be a use for them...
glass handles & rugged cabinets, perfect!
My gorgeous Susannah Tucker calendar at the ready...
These pretty glass baubles were wooing me in the op shop this afternoon, so intricate & delicate and filled with whimsy magic to hang about my special space.  I no sooner got home & one shattered in my hand, so in the bin with those little nasties!
..but for now, it's back to my little corner of 'organised' chaos....

Oh and do pop on over to Maxabella's for the most wonderful giveaway of the festive season - Good Luck to you all!


  1. You lucky, lucky duck, Mel! I crave a room of my own. Sigh. The next house we buy *must* have one. J x

  2. Ohhh i am very envious of that too!
    Hoping to get my own room in our next place!

    I've done some doily doorstops before - I love them!
    You get different effects, from the dif shapes of the rocks. V cool!x

  3. There's a whole lot of all 'round YUM in this post!

  4. You will love having your own space, nice to be able to just pick up where you left it. love all the sweet things in this post.

  5. Attagirl, Mel! Your cabinets have made me swoon...

  6. SNAP! I bought a hot glue gun on the weekend having been inspired by Kooyooto with her doily covered rocks! Im going to give it a crack this week now that I'm officially on holidays. Yeah, we can compare rocks!

  7. Jealous! Would so love to move my work space off the kitchen table!! But alas, too many kiddos and no more rooms :-)
    Love the link btw - can't wait to see how many more times that pops up between now and dec 20 :-)

  8. Oh, you are going to love having your own room. Pics please?


  9. Oh woe those knobs are to die for and your own space!!!you deserve every square inch!

  10. Lucky you, I would LOVE a space of my own to put all my "stuff", sigh...

  11. Your very own room, just for crafting and creating...you must be over the moon! (and I am so jealous but very happy for you :)) Best, Cat

  12. I adore my reclaimed area of our spare room - enjoy your space and making it perfect and beautiful and just for you !
    I am loving your Christmas spirit that pours thru your posts.
    Have a great week, Dee x

  13. Looking fantastic Mel, have a ball in the new year in your new space!! Love Posie

  14. Snap! I finally cleared out all the junk in my, em, 'junk room' turning it instantly into my 'studio'! I can't imagine why I haven't done it years before, I love it so!!! x

  15. Oh your own space will be so so nice!! Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog today :-) xx


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