Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A break from the housework & a mountain of washing found us out & about doing a little thrifting this afternoon.  I found these two balls of yarn, the grey is cotton & the cream is cooking twine,  I can't wait to put them to good use.  It always amazes me what other people throw away... 
this beautiful linen tea towel & a handful of pretty white doilies, always a need for those, though my cabinet drawer might be saying otherwise...


  1. Hej Mel
    You did very well with your lucky finds...Lucky to find a good home with you ;-)
    Happy Days!

  2. Nice work, I love that tea towel !
    I'm also amazed at what people throw away. Hope you are having a great week, Dee x

  3. Lucky people do throw those sorts of things away Dee - or else us others wouldn't have so much fun on treasure hunts.
    Great yarns Mel, I have been looking for just those colours - can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  4. That is a truely gorgeous teatowel! I love the blue. It's very pretty :-) xxxCate

  5. The linen teatowel is an amazing find, and I'm sure you'll do something with the twine creatively. Although they look nice as-is in the photo too. :)

  6. I love seeing what you find in the oppies Mel! What will happen with the doiles I wonder? Hope you are having a happy day, all misty rain here...xo

  7. Its been forever since I've been op shopping so I'm living vicariously through you and your finds. Sort of like window op shopping on line.
    Great finds. Have fun playing with them.

  8. Mel, what is it about balls of course yarn / string that just sends me straight to happy? What a find! x


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