Wednesday, May 26, 2010

feelin' the love...

gorgeous little preppie leaving me special love notes here & there, all about the house...
I just love the little love hearts so carefully placed...

baby coming up behind me, throws his arms around & kisses my back over & over & over again...

hubby's face all grateful & happy that I'd made baked chops for dinner...

the big boy running up to me at school, pausing his very serious game of chasey, to say  something completely unrelated & irrelevant but us both
knowing it meant.. 'I'm sorry for being cross Mum, I love you'...

feeling the love, feeling happy...


  1. don't you just love those warm fuzzy moments from your family, they are the best :-)

  2. Awwww, my 10 yr old is known to do this..It just warms your heart so much!

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  4. I have a little tear in my sweet.

  5. Gorgeous....and a mother you is so devoted to her family that she makes them feel special every single day!

  6. So lovely. That picture is just gorgeous. Makes all those days off sick, driving you crazy worth it! :o)

  7. There is nothing better, These are the moments I live for!!! your such a great Mom!

  8. how wonderful it is to love and be loved!

  9. It's those absolutely ordinary moments that make it so special. Thanks for sharing the love.


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