Thursday, June 16, 2016

the sunset series..chasing winter skies

Last night, just before dinner time, four out of the six of us went to the beach to soak in some pastel wintery skies.

The colours were so soft and whimsical, the air fresh, and barely a breeze was blowing.  We wandered the rocks, admired brave surfers dashing past us, zipping their wetsuits as they ran, busting out of themselves to hit those waves.

The middle guy sat on a rock to write, the little girl splashed in rock puddles singing happy songs and squealing with delight at the pink sky all aglow. We walked for ages, chatting about this and that, mostly a certain someone's up and coming 12th birthday.

The waves rolled in so loudly, looking like big soft fluffy clouds.  Apart from the surfers in the sea, there was barely another person in sight.  Like a secret paradise all of our very own. Its been too long between beach visits.  The chance to stop and breathe it all in was just what I needed without even knowing.

Hooray for winter skies and glorious mid week beach wanders.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

this knee rug..made with love

Our lovely elderly neighbour is forever spoiling the kids with gifts or sweets at significant times throughout the year. Christmas, Easter and birthday's when she remembers.  

I've been wanting to make her something for so long now, but it would just be left by the wayside every time I'd make a start.  So finally, I made her a knee rug.  Just in time for this very cold coastal winter that has arrived with vigour.

I have to say, this was such an enjoyable project.  Maybe because I was excited to be making something for our sweet Zayda, maybe because the yarn was so lovely and soft to work with, and maybe because I loved the way this stitch looked as it came together to make one large snugly square.

It's deliciously soft to touch and just the right shade of silvery grey.  A simple treble and double crochet alternating, repeated over and over until it was just the right size.  Small enough to fold neatly onto a chair and light enough to pull softly over the knees.

I hope there are many cosy afternoon naps and comfy nights of watching her favourite shows to be enjoyed under this knee rug.  This knee rug, made with love.

Happy winter everyone!

Monday, June 6, 2016

may portraits..

"it's a hard nut life.." from the movie Annie,her favourite movie right now. I hear her burst into song throughout the house and my heart overflows

waiting for her turn in the bath, making me promise I won't wash her hair "say it mumma, say I not washin' hair"

she gets dressed and tests her skirts for twirling every single morning

new shoes..belated birthday shoes, worth the wait

her 'dancer' skirts are to be worn Harry Highpants style, this is not negotiable

May has been a month of (more) strong will, singing out loud, dancing skirts worn her own way, 'sleebs' (sleeves) always turned up, and sooo much development! She is amazing us with the things she knows, the way she articulates a sentence, her sense of humour and her nurturing ways. In this month of May, she drew her first real picture! A body with eyes, a nose, a mouth, arms and legs. Now when she draws, the shoes and hair are added.  I've always been so amazed and so ridiculously excited by each of their first 'real' drawings.  It's such a milestone, don't you think. 

Her brothers know her well and know just what to say to make her feel happy when she is sad. They piggyback her to the bathroom to brush her teeth for bed, they make her snacks, and sit to watch her shows. They know her quirks, her routine and how to distract her when she won't take no for an answer.  She hugs them tight, plays their games and loves them fiercely. 

They are a lucky little bunch, these four. 

More portraits over at Practicing Simplicity..

Monday, May 9, 2016

what I've been making..

It's been a while between crochet posts, so here's a little update on what I've been making and what's currently on the hook.

Bonnets for gorgeous new babies, beanies, cowls and blankets in the making.  

It's been a busy couple of months juggling lots of projects at once, and there are still so many things I want to make a start on.  It's always so nice to have something on the hook, ready and waiting for me to pick up when it suits me, when my fingers need to be busy and my mind needs to rest. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

april portraits..

stormy skies, soft warm winds and fresh clean sand just waiting for tiny feet

a pocket full of posies

a moment of still

" Look a this! Look a meee!" the youngest of four, always trying to get a laugh out of her brothers.. forever our clown

The roller coaster that is three!

Boy oh boy is this little chicken ramping things up.  

The curdling screech is pretty much her go-to voice if requests are not met within .5 of a second.

She has to do everything herself, and must assist everyone else with what they do also.

You can not laugh, ever, when you catch her doing something totally adorable without risking attack and tantrum.

She will eat constantly.

She completely and utterly refuses to toilet train.

Heaven help us if there is not a 'dancer' skirt available to wear on any given day.  A pocket dress, might be allowed with some coaxing and promises of treasures to be found.

She will let out a shrill that could shatter glass just randomly, for no apparent reason.

She will talk all. day. long!

Fortunately though, she tells the best stories.

She sings instructions and twirls through her days.

She is the family clown and loves to make us laugh (on her terms) with her talking belly voice.

She loves nothing more than to be helping outside, and she is the hardest little worker ever!

Her bedtime routine is a performance for all the family to see.

Her imagination is boundless and watching her play is pure joy.

She hugs hard and kisses often.

She will sit right by her brothers side when they are sad or upset, and she won't leave until they're smiling again.

She closes her little prayer hands and tucks them under her cheek to sleep.

She is bossy.  She is loud.  She is hilariously funny and she is so full of love for us all.

Monday, March 28, 2016

march portraits..

there has never been a greater build up or more excitement shown for this time of year by any of our children like there has been by this girl..beside herself excited! 

with three big brothers, theres always someone willing to give her a piggy-back ride when those little legs are tired out

she came thudding loudly up the hallway, I said "look at you galloping like a horse" and she replies "no mumma I'm flying like a fairy, see my wings!"

outside baths in the drinks cooler..

A month of adjusting to the change of seasons, and carefully re-introducing layers.  She is not a fan of long pants or any kind of jacket.  It's 'dancer' skirts everyday, so the most I've managed is a singlet and the occasional pair of socks, mostly socks with sandals, but socks nonetheless! 

Our three year old has ramped up her attitude and fever pitch screeching this month.  Throw in relentless whinging and serious determination, and we are all a little worn out.  Luckily, amongst it all, there's there irresistible sweetness, that squeaky little voice, the fairy wings and story telling, all the discoveries and learning and growth.  Watching the little girl emerge.

She's exhausting and exasperating, but she's just so darn adorable.

Monday, March 21, 2016

the way they wear their socks..

Today the love is overwhelming, and I have to write it down.

She sleeps beside me and I hear her kitten-like purr.  She reaches for me in her sleep, and my hand without consciousness meets hers.  Our love is so deep and so indescribable.  I feel her in every cell of my being.  

Just as I did with her brothers, but in case I haven't written it here before, I want to document this for their future.  For all of us, for them to read one day and for them to know that I felt it.  I felt what they feel for their babies.  I felt it in them.

It's true,when you grow and birth a child, your heart forever lives outside of your body.

She looks a certain way and she captures my breath.  I watch her, study her in awe, all in just a moment, and my heart completely overflows.  I'm besotted with her, still.  Her beauty, her perfectness, the way her hair tangles in the early morning, her sweet voice, her mind, the way she plays or sings along to a TV show or tells a story.

She feels closeness and connection when she buries her face into the nook of my neck.  Is it the sound of my heartbeat, the feel of my breathe, the touch of my skin?  I'm not sure.  But when she nuzzles in there, she purrs and sighs.  It's like home to her.  She's done this since the minute she was born and placed on my chest all sticky and warm, she went straight to that spot and buried in.

This love, this closeness is like nothing else.  

For all the drama and tantrums and plain shit hard days, this gentle togetherness blows all of it away! Every morning I feel this little being, she is a part of me.  She wakes and kisses my face with those soft sweet lips.  She sighs a contented sigh and says "I love you so much my mumma".  She shrinks into me, kneads my skin with her chubby fingers, sometimes an irresistible pinch, breathing deeply and with such comfort of being.

You know, if she hits the wrong spot or pinches too sharp I growl at her in my sleep haze, and she moves almost expectantly.  But she can't help it, she has to do it.  If she could crawl right back inside of me she would.  It's a closeness that can't be described, that mother child bond.

I wonder when it is that this feeling of being a part of you subsides.  I wonder when it is that they begin to feel secure and independent of you.  I don't remember for sure.

What I know is that those are connections and feelings I had with all four of my babies until they grew to have this Independence.  I know too, that it's because of such bonds that they are able to fall into my arms in times of happiness or despair.  It's the reason they creep up and hug me at random, tell me they love how I cook a meal, or thank me for some seemingly insignificant thing. It's also the reason they can completely loose their temper over incidents totally separate from us, say nasty things, be hurtful and cruel and just plain horrid! It's because they can.  Because I am their safe place.

I want to capture their every idea, the sound of their voices, the way they wear their socks or dressing gown or comb their hair.  I want to remember the way they play and love and laugh, or spend forever too long in the bathroom.  I'm certain the way they fight will be embedded into our minds for our lifetime, but these moments and feelings are so enormous and so very precious.

Like they say, "the days are long but the years are short".

Oh Lordy! I surrender to all the moments.  All the insignificant conversations, comments, quirky ways, hugs, fights and endless loves.  I wholeheartedly embrace this role as mother.  The good, the bad and the terrifying!

All I ever wanted was to be this, what I am right now.  Their Mum, and I am blessed.  I just hope and pray I can deliver, but I have a pretty fabulous wingman in my beautiful husband.  Actually, I might be the wingman.  Either way, we have it made with all this love.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

a bear hat..

Why is it that until recently, only one out of four of my children will wear my wares?  The middle guy has always been a fan, the biggest never and the little guy only took a shine to my beanie's last winter.  You can imagine how excited I was when that happened!

So when this little girl saw the gorgeous bear hat made by Charissa at Joyful Four, she was busting for me to get started on one for her too.  I, naturally, was beside myself thrilled!

Then I made it.  She 'oohed' and 'aahed' as I kept measuring against her head for size.  I thought, this might be the one. The one she wants to wear all winter long, the one she asks for me to make in every colour!

Of course, that was delusional.  As soon as I finished, she refused to try it on, and I've only just managed to get it on her head now with the lure of bandaids!

Ce la vie!